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Family Law | Fall River, MA

Legal matters involving your family can be complicated and stressful. Richard HarrisonAttorney At Law is a family law attorney in Fall River, Massachusetts, offering the guidance you need to make these situations less stressful.

Dissolution of Marriage

A divorce or dissolution of marriage involves resolution of issues that are extremely important to you and your spouse when the marriage is coming to an end. Such issues include:
  • Future Parenting Plans for Minor Children (Custody)
  • Spousal Support (Alimony)
  • Valuation of Property
  • Division of Property
  • Characterization of Property as Separate or Community Property

Sensitive in These Matters

Often, dissolution of marriage proceeding also involves obtaining or defending against restraining orders to protect one or the other party and/or the children with allegations of domestic violence. This makes sensitivity to these matters imperative.
Attorney Harrison is sensitive to these matters, and always applies sensitivity to special needs and problems during these difficult processes. As your family law attorney, he explains all issues to you and works to resolve all matters in your best interests.
Family Law - family law in Fall River, MA

Important Part of Divorce

Allocation and characterization of property and debts is an important part of the dissolution of marriage proceedings. All assets and debts must be characterized as community property or separate property, and there are overlaps between the two.
For instance, even a home owned before marriage by one party which stays in the name of the spouse throughout marriage, may have a portion of its value characterized as community property. When property changes from separate property to community property during marriage, important calculations determine what portion of its present value is to be attributed to separate and what portion to community.



In addition to characterization of property, valuation is also very important. Not only the value, but also the date of valuation can affect the relative value to the respective spouses.

Restraining Orders

When it occurs, and there is a danger of further violence, attorney Harrison can obtain ex-parte temporary restraining orders very quickly. There are also times when a party is charged with domestic violence wrongly, and in those cases, he aggressively defends the wrongfully charged party.
Contact attorney Harrison to help you through complicated family law matters.